5 Ways to Overcome Fatigue

Tired Man

Fatigue can be a major drag on your day, especially when your under the pump and have deadlines to meet. Here are a few ways that you can overcome fatigue and boost your energy level.

1. Pace Yourself

If you're an energizer bunny but feel like your batteries are wearing out by noon, you might not be pacing yourself. Instead of burning through your energy in the first two hours of the day, consider stretching your list throughout the day. Make a list of AM and PM tasks and work through them at a realistic pace - with rest and meals (meals rich in nutrients, not just food) in-between to keep your blood glucose and mental energy in an optimal range. In addition, consider eliminating things that you do not have to do.

2. Take a Power Walk

We often feel tired because of a lack of oxygen to our cells, therefore the first move to make whenever you are tired is to get up and move. If you have low energy, physically and mentally, but slept enough hours the night before – it would serve you well to take a power walk! Put your shoes on and head outside. You do not need a plan, just head out and start your walk in any direction for 20 minutes. This will help work the largest muscles in your body and send oxygen-saturated blood to your brain that will wake you up instantly.

3. Avoid Unhealthy Snacks

If you have afternoon energy burnout, the last thing you should be doing is grabbing a cookie or sugary snack/drink. A cookie or sweetened coffee drink delivers plenty of calories for energy, but your body metabolizes them so quickly that your blood sugar drops, leaving you feeling exhausted. You will maintain steadier energy by eating lean protein and high fibre/low sugar carbohydrates. These foods slow the release of sugar into your body, allowing your blood sugar to stay optimal for longer periods. Next time you're feeling that afternoon slump, reach for some low fat cheese, greek yoghurt, a handful of nuts or a delicious Herbalife High-Protein Bar (click here for more info about protein bars).

4. Fight Fatigue with Fluids

Water is essential for carrying nutrients to your body's cells and taking away the waste. Approximately 60% of your body's weight is water and you lose it through sweating, urinating, and breathing. When your body is low on water, you will feel drained and weaker than normal. Drinking a tall glass of water when you are starting to fade will likely reverse the fatigue. Replenishing water and fluids (including fruits and veggies) throughout the day will help replenish the water you are losing and help you maintain a steady energy level.

6. Consider Targeted Supplements

You may have a particular vitamin or mineral deficiency in which case a broad spectrum multivitamin would be ideal. But stay away from cheap pharmacy brands, especially ones made by pharmaceutical companies that use synthetic ingredients. They are next to useless.

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