(Lost 6 kgs & 2 dress sizes)*

Quotation Marks Yes, I have finally reached my goal weight of 56kg! And it feels absolutely amazing! I'm even beginning to notice a difference myself when I wear my summer clothes and noticed that I've actually dropped to a size 9 and sometimes an 8 (previously I was size 10-11).

Ever since I've been back home, which is only the 4th day today, so many of my friends and family have commented on my weight loss that I don't know even know how many times I've had to repeat the story of how I've lost my weight. I've even had friends who had to confirm it with other friends on whether or not I've lost weight because they didn't want to offend me in case I didn't. Just the amount of people commenting on my weight loss means that they could really see a big significance in my weight compared to when they last saw me in April at 62kg! But yes absolutely amazing, I feel so healthy now and its such great timing to be at home now at 56kg and I believe the last time I weight 56kg was when I was 14 years old.

Currently, I have joined the local gym and I have been at the gym regularly, so I am hoping to tone up a fair bit. But Pauline I just want to thank you for your assistance throughout my weight loss journey, for your encouragement and support which has helped me reach my goal weight today! And of course thank God for Herbalife.

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