(Lost 11kg & 42cm)*

Quotation Marks When I first looked at Herbalife, I was weighing in at 96kg and had a 102cm waist. I had seen friends get results from Herbalife. However, when I saw the price I thought it was a bit expensive and tried to lose weight of my own accord, but to no avail. I'm undisciplined and like cake!

I don't drink, smoke, or indulge in recreational substances and exercise a minimum of 3 times a week. Food is my downfall as well as not liking the thought of dieting.


Before Herbalife Andrew after Herbalife


Desperate to lose weight and to feel more comfortable in myself and be healthier, I returned to the idea of Herbalife. I started with the Premiun Programme for the first 2 months, moving to the Advanced Programme on my 3rd month and then the QuickStart Programme in the months following.

I found it slightly difficult in the first few weeks to change my eating patterns, but the instant results achieved in lost centimetres motivated me to keep going. I did notice a slight drop in energy in the first few weeks, but that soon balanced out and I was still able to do 10km runs on some evenings even after a 12 hour shift in the Summer heat of the Pilbara.

As I said, I'm undisciplined and at times found I drifted off the programme during times of stressful study and challenging days at work.

This is my progress, taking measurements of my chest, waist, hips and thighs. (Shows kgs and centimetres lost)

I've now been taking Herbalife for 8 months and weigh in at 84-85kg and have lost 45-48cm lost depending on how strictly I stick to it, as I still have a sweet tooth.

I will continue to use Herbalife as I now see it as a small price for a product that gives me the results that I desire and to maintain the weight I've lost and/or shed a few more centimetres when I can motivate myself into a renewed effort.

I'd recommend Herbalife to anyone who is struggling to lose they unwanted kilo's, through dieting and exercise.

*These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.