Healthy Snacks

Apple or Muffin?

A nutritious, balanced snack can help keep you energised between meals. Small, nutritious snacks can also help control your hunger at mealtimes, which means you might get by with a smaller portion.

One problem with the way many of us snack, however, is that we tend to do it on the run. Rather than planning our snacks, we simply wait for the craving to strike. For most of us it’s too easy to find a corner store, a vending machine or even our own kitchen cupboards to satisfy our cravings with foods that are loaded with fat, salt or sugar. So, here are some suggestions for some alternatives of nutritious snacks that can satisfy whatever you’re craving.

If You’re Craving a Creamy Snack

Foods with a creamy, smooth texture are pleasurable to eat, and many people associate them with comfort. If you’re looking to satisfy your craving by turning to rich ice cream or high-fat cheeses, then you might want to try one of these alternatives.

If You’re Craving a Sweet Snack

Sometimes we crave sweets when our energy level is taking a dive, or we turn to sweets as a treat or a reward. However, the calorie cost of many sweets can be really high. Here are some tips to satisfy the craving without breaking the bank.

If You’re Craving a Crunchy or Savoury Snack

The craving for foods that are crunchy and salty are sometimes triggered by frustration or stress. That’s because the act of chewing and working the jaw muscles actually relieve tension.